Final Resting Place Options for Cremation Burials

Coastal Funeral Center, embraced and enhanced by its affiliate Green Hills Memorial LA, has offered local cremation services for years. This means your loved one remains in our circle of care at all times as we continue to refine and upgrade our cremation process with new equipment and a state-of-the-art cremation center.

Coastal Funeral Center guides families through the whole process of cremation planning.

From family visitations to funeral services and burials, Coastal Funeral Center is present every step of the way.

At Coastal Funeral Center, all our cremations are performed with the highest standards of care and dignity. Our mortuary and crematory facility are located within 3 miles of each other to provide our families the comfort of knowing their loved one never leaves far from our care.

Our professional team specializes in planning cremation services in advance or at the time of loss. You can trust that every Coastal Funeral Center representative is here to listen, understand your needs and guide you through the cremation process with personalization and heartfelt attention.

In this process, there are steps we desire our future families to take with us to give their loved ones true, proper care.

Interior Meeting room at Coastal Funeral Center

Step 1: Select a Final Resting Place

Consider the following questions to help you discover your needs and desires.

  1. Was your loved one a military veteran? Benefits are available for veterans and their spouses to be laid to rest at a national veteran cemetery.
  2. Is there a cemetery or memorial park we can coordinate with to honor your loved one through a graveside service?
  3. Has the family considered Celebration at Sea? This may provide another tranquil and beautiful way to commemorate your loved one’s life.
  4. Would the family happen to belong to a religious organization with spaces on their property to have your loved one laid to rest?

Step 2: Make Service Arrangements

Consider the following:

Do you wish to have a service before or after cremation?

If before, an open or closed casket memorial service can be provided. If after, the urn can be featured at the memorial service.

Give the CFC team a call or reach out here, Our members will provide guidance!

Optional: Arrange a Scattering

The Glass-Front Niche

The Glass-front niche is a resting home for the urn alongside a display of personal items. Glass-front niches are also known as “memory boxes” and are offered in various sizes and shapes so families are offered the greatest degree of personalization for a cremation burial.


Our Outdoor cremation memorial options include the following:

Private Gardens and Family Estates

Private gardens and family estates are wonderful for the investment of you and your loved one. These unique offerings allow you to customize your own private cemetery within our memorial park by incorporating beautiful stone walls, lush landscaping, personalized memorials and benches.

The chosen location will forever be a place of recollection and rest with your loved one.

Granite-Front Niche

The granite-front niche is a resting home for the urn and any personalized items suited for the outdoors. The granite front niche is a beautiful above-ground burial option constructed of stunning granite or marble, and is offered for single, companion or family selections.

Ground Burial

Ground burials offer the ability to lay family members to rest in several diverse areas throughout our park. Ground burials provide significant and concrete opportunities to have a final moment with your loved one. Ground burials will always provide the proper space for you and your family to return and honor the life of your loved one.

Cremation Ash Scattering Service Options

We offer a variety of cremation ash scattering options for families to choose from. From ocean-side scatterings to creative options that your family has in mind, we are glad to guide you through this process.

Scattering at Sea: Coastline Memorials

Taking a loved one’s ashes to a meaningful place and scattering ashes at sea is an opportunity for you to respond to the end of your loved one’s life with dignity through a proper and intentional memorial service.

We offer beautiful seaside services with our partner, Coastline Memorial. Family and friends can gather on the beach for a final goodbye. You’ll watch Coastline Memorial’s boat depart and be able to watch beautiful flower petals and your loved ones remains be scattered at sea. These services are peaceful, with a hopeful and tranquil feel beside the ocean.

We offer a variety of cremation ash scattering options for families to choose.

Graveside Funeral Services

Create a permanent gathering place for your loved one’s cremated remains.

If you desire to lay your loved one to rest by cremation ash scattering, there is the opportunity to reserve a portion of the cremated remains and place them within a permanent resting place. An optional service is dividing the remains for multiple family members, or to have the ashes both scattered at a place with special meaning and laid to rest in a niche or burial so that future generations can come to visit.

Our team will guide you through the cremation burial option possibilities, including outdoor graveside funerals or cremation columbarium, each of which can be personalized to honor and reflect your loved one.

Healing ceremonies that pay tribute to your loved one

Committal services are held at the cemetery, following a funeral at the mortuary chapel or place of worship. These are healing ceremonies that pay tribute to your loved one. This symbolic service is a beautiful step forward in the healing process and can complement many end-of-life options and preferences.

Final Rest

Your loved one deserves a resting place to be mourned, remembered, and honored. It is for the generations of family and friends to come who will also benefit from the opportunity to honor the life lived at this final resting place.

Cremated remains can be memorialized above ground in columbariums, mausoleums, or even scattered in meaningful locations. They can also be buried in a gravesite or interred in other memorial locations.

Begin funeral or cremation arrangements from the privacy of your own home.