Here's What You Need to Know About The Funeral Process

Coastal Funeral Center

Pre-Planning for a Funeral? Here’s what you need to know.

On the big to-do list of life, we can bet that planning ahead for your funeral takes the lowest priority, if it makes the list at all.  

And hey, who can blame you? You’re a human being with a natural bias toward staying alive. Us too! 

It’s natural to avoid thoughts of your own death or the death of those you hold dear. And so, many people put off making final arrangements in favor of procrastinating with the daily tasks of life. 

At Coastal Funeral Center we often encounter successful people who planned for every facet of life except for end-of-life arrangements. As a result, their loved ones are often left to make difficult decisions at a time when they are the least emotionally and mentally prepared to do so. Enter: second guessing, guilt-driven decision making and family squabbles. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

You can create a new to-do list. One where you prioritize the inevitable and prepare an easy way forward for your family. And we’d love to help. We’ll demystify the funeral process, giving you the courage to plan ahead and your family the confidence to carry out your wishes. To do so, we’re going to share our to-do list with you: the five planning elements for a life well celebrated. 


Five Items To Put on Your Funeral Planning Checklist

  • Gather Vital Information. It’s difficult enough to lose a loved one. You don’t want your family to spend that time digging through digital and physical files on the hunt for information. Take time now to collect, organize and record details regarding your personal estate, finances, medical information, will and wishes. Our Advance Planning Guide can help.
  • Build a Communications List. Think through who your loved ones would need to reach out to in the event of your passing. This list should include logistical people, such as a clergy member who may perform the service and the funeral home itself. The list might also include family members–close and distant relations–as well as friends, colleagues and important acquaintances. Be sure to list names as well as the most reliable way to reach each person.
  • State Your Wishes for the Funeral Service. Creating a meaningful celebration of life experience starts with the person of honor in mind. Who better to express your wishes than you? Reflect on your life, values, relationships and ideals. The beauty of personalization is that there’s no right or wrong format. Take time to jot down your thoughts and ideas, and be sure to share them with your family members. Our Advance Planning Advisors can help you create an authentic service that is unique to you.
  • Decide on a Permanent Resting Place. Most of us are not ready to say goodbye forever, and grief is a very personal experience. A permanent resting place that is accessible to friends and individual family members offers an opportunity to feel physically close to our departed loved ones.  You may choose a traditional burial, but you are certainly not limited to this option. Cremation allows for countless scattering options as well as more-permanent places of remembrance.
  • Help with The Eulogy. Your loved ones will want to honor you well. You can assist in their efforts by taking time to list out your greatest achievements and the moments of life that you have valued most. Capturing, communicating, and celebrating your life will be vital for creating a healing experience.


By completing this pre-planning checklist, your family will need only to initiate a phone call to Coastal Funeral Center to put the agreed-upon process into motion. We’ll connect your loved ones with one of our trusted advisors, who will obtain the contract number listed on the packet received from the insurance company. We’ll gather your pre-planning details and schedule an appointment with your loved ones to finalize your wishes. The advisor will walk your family through the entire process and stay for the celebration of life service as well. 

As you can see, advance planning brings peace of mind to you now and to your loved ones later. Get started with your Advance Planning Guide today!  

If you have any other questions about pre planning or the funeral process, our advisors are here to help. Give us a call at (310) 326-6343.