The Healing Journey: Gentle Ways to Walk Alongside Someone in Grief

October 6, 2023

Loss touches the very core of our hearts, often leaving a void that’s hard to describe. When someone you care about is navigating through this, your support can be their beacon of light on the healing journey. 


From lending an ear to helping with service details, having someone there can mean the world in times of loss. Once the services are over, everyone else is getting back to their regular routines, where the one grieving can feel stuck. Stay in touch with them during their time of healing.  Let’s look at some genuine gestures to help someone through their tough times.


Lend Your Ears, Not Just Your Words

Sometimes, the most comforting thing isn’t advice, but simply someone who listens. When words fail, be that silent, understanding presence. Allow them to reminisce, to laugh, to cry, or just be. Your patience and gentle ear can be a balm to their soul.

Lend a Listening Ear

All a grieving heart needs is to be heard. So, pull up a chair, make a cup of tea, and just listen. Let your friend or family member pour out their heart. Remember, it’s not about having all the answers but being present.


Honor Their Personal Space and Emotions

Grieving isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. While some might crave company, others might need some alone time. Some might cocoon themselves in solitude, while others lean into shared memories. It’s okay. Pay attention to their cues and respect their chosen path. And, gently remind them that whenever they’re ready, you’re there, no strings attached.


Just Be There, In Silence or With Words

Loneliness can amplify grief. By just being there, whether in companionable silence or with comforting words, you bring warmth to their healing journey. And if you ever feel lost about how to provide emotional support, many professionals can guide you.

Loss can feel like an isolating storm, but the warmth of emotional support can be a game-changer. It’s not always about having the right words; sometimes, just being there is enough. If they’re open to it, consider suggesting grief counseling or support groups that can offer expert comfort. Coastal Funeral Center recommends grief groups in the South Bay area such as a Bereavement Group.


Help Smooth Out The Practicalities

When grieving, even the simplest task can seem daunting. The logistics of farewells can be taxing. Step in and assist with the funeral, memorial plans, or even just handling day-to-day tasks. It might seem small, but taking these burdens off their plate can mean the world. Coastal Funeral Center has checklists and support specialists in place to help them through this process. Ask for help if you need resources to help them.


Stay in Their Corner Beyond the Farewell

The echoes of loss linger long after the ceremonies. Don’t let the connection wane. Continue to check in, share a memory, or mark significant dates together. The healing journey is ongoing, and your consistent support can be a guiding light.


Support Across The Miles

Once the ceremonies are complete, many who visited will return home and back to their normal schedules. The one grieving may still be stuck in their grief. These are great ways to stay in touch across the miles:

  • Set up a regular Zoom or Facetime Call for the first several weeks. This helps them stay connected, and have something to look forward to.
  • Send cards. Those first few weeks are tough, but so are the first few holidays. Note on your calendar some special times to reach out: their birthday, their anniversary, etc.
  • A quick email lets them know that they are in your thoughts and helps them feel connected. 


Sending Devotionals or Affirmations

There are many amazing resources for those with religious affiliation and those that don’t. Devotionals and affirmations serve as tools to keep moving forward while going through the peaks and valleys of life. These short readings, quotes, and insights can be sent in remembrance of a loved one, or as a “thinking of you.” to the one grieving. 


Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers can be some of the most meaningful, personal, and easiest ways to let someone know you are with them. Send a voice memo or text. Share specific or general thoughts, but even just a “thinking of you.” text can be so valuable to someone who feels that they are struggling alone. A great way to send a prayer is to type out an intentional prayer for healing, strength, and courage. A voice memo can make it even more personal.


Being there during someone’s grieving process is a testament to pure love and kindness. Your actions, words, or even silence can ignite hope and usher in a healing journey that makes the path of loss a tad more bearable. Always remember, it’s the little things that often make the biggest difference. 💛


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