Traditional Burial Options with Coastal Funeral Center

May We Find Comfort in the Treasured Memories
of Those No Longer with Us

It is a touching and beautiful way to pay your final respects to a loved one, and at Coastal Funeral Center in the South Bay, it is something we’ve been doing for decades. If you’re looking to plan a traditional burial for your loved one, you can trust the compassionate professionals at Coastal Funeral Center to help you through such a difficult time, and plan a wonderful celebration of life that will help you with the healing process.

What you may not know about traditional burial, however, is that you have a lot of options in Lomita available to you. Preserving your loved one’s body instead of cremating them doesn’t mean your only option is a cemetery burial. It is but one of many options Coastal Funeral Center makes available to you.

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Cemetery Burial with Coastal Funeral Center

When you’re looking for funeral services in Lomita, California, this is most likely what you’re thinking about. Traditional burials, or casket burials, are one of the most common and time-honored ways to pay respects to your loved one.

With a lawn burial service in a well-maintained cemetery plot, you can reserve a final resting place for your loved one that you can come back to visit, remember, and heal.

Our partners at Green Hills have beautiful cemetery properties for you to choose from that are unrivaled among all funeral homes in Lomita.

At Coastal Funeral Center, we know that when it comes to honoring the life of a loved one, being trusted with funeral planning in the South Bay is a huge responsibility.

We do not take your trust lightly, so we will work together with you to plan a traditional burial service that respects your wishes, honors the wishes of your loved one, and provides you with a starting point on the path to healing.

Mausoleum Burial with Coastal Funeral Center

Even if you choose a traditional-type burial instead of cremation, your loved one’s final resting place does not necessarily have to be under the ground. Coastal Funeral Center offers mausoleum burial as an option as well.

Mausoleums can be used for either traditional burial or cremation, and can be an absolutely wonderful final resting place with a number of advantages.

For those who don’t like the idea of being buried underground, mausoleums provide an above-ground alternative with a long-standing tradition. This type of burial also provides a greater degree of control over the aesthetics of one’s final resting place.

Coastal Funeral Center offers a variety of mausoleums with marble ceilings, stained-glass windows, and a variety of design options that can be planned in advance that give your loved one a place to rest that truly reflects them.

Private Plots and Family Cemetery Areas with Coastal Funeral Center

Mausoleums are a great choice for a private burial plot, for those who wish to visit and mourn in a closed-off space with exclusive access.

But Coastal Funeral Center can also help you plan a private burial space of any kind. This could mean family estate plots, private gardens, and a number of other options.

Your loved one’s burial is a way to cement their legacy on this earth, and we want to be your partners in doing that. Contact Coastal Funeral Center today to see how we can help you begin your healing process by sending off your loved one with a celebration and final resting place they would be proud of.

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